Matters Need Attention,Very Important!
(Cable length meter 3000, Cat.NO.2005)
1.      Read the instruction manual carefully before using the instrument.
2.      Under any conditions, no matter power on to check the instrument, pre-set measurement, variable measurement, cable section measurement or resistance measurement, after turn on the instrument, you should press the button Shift and TAB/REF at the same time to carry on the temperature compensation, until the Tcal appears on the screen, you can begin your measurement, or the result of measurement would not be precise.
3.      It is not need to check the instrument every time turn on it, you just to check it after a period of time for using.
4.      If the the measurement accurate is required higher, considering the domestic cable always doesn’t accord with the international standard, please choose the variable measurement, the referenced length of variable measurement is from 50meter to 100meter.
5.      Before measurement, you should make sure the cable to measured doesn’t electrified,or the instrument will damaged.
6.      If the Low battery indication appears, please replace the battery as soon as possible, or the reaule of measurement may be not precise.
7.      This is an high precision manufacturing equipment, pay attention not to strike,fall down or immerse it.
Cable length meter 3000
 Brief instruction manual
The illustration ofDisplay screen and Instrument panel

A special annotationyou should make sure the cable to measured not to be electrified, or we are not responsible for the damage out of such reason..
This instrument can not measure the cable too short(only the very fine Communication Cable can be measured),usually power cable should be more than 20meters. The instrument displays the Straight Line of cable, So it can not measure flexible wire. The flexible wire should be measured using the variable measurement.
1.       Installing the batteries:twist screw off the battery case at the back of instrument, pull out the battery case and put 9V battery (negative pole of battery is in upward side ).
2.       Turn on the instrument:press the Start/Off button for 1 second.
3.       Range selection: press TAB/REF button, select TABⅠand dial the knob to 10(1.5mm2)position.
4.       Aluminum/copper wire to select:press CU/AL button and select Cu。
5.       Calibration instrument: cause temperature influences the measurement of cable length is relatively big. So we should carry on the temperature compensation when we calibrate instrument or measure the cable. when the 15 meters standard calibrating cable is connected, press the Shift and TAB/REF button at the same time to carry on the temperature compensation, let go of the buttons, you can find Tcal display downside on the screen, the temperature compensation is finished. Press the Start/Off button, the instrument displays the reading of calibrating cable 15m±2%, the calibration is finished. Press the Shift and TAB/REF button again, the temperature compensation is canceled.
6.       For the cable known cable section and corresponds to instrument scale (refer to the card),press TAB/REF button,and select the pre-set measurement:TAB I or TAB II,
7.       Dial the knob to the corresponding cable section range(refer to the card).
8.       It is need to put the cable and the instrument together for about 10 minutes.
9.       Insert the lead set to plughole of instrument, connect both ends of the cable.
10.   Press the Shift and TAB/REF button at the same time, and carry on the temperature compensation, you can find Tcal display downside on the screen,the temperature compensation is finished.(if the accuracy is not required very much, this step can be omitted.
11.   Press the Start/Off button,the instrument begins to measure with the sound “beep” and display the reading of cable length, the measurement if finished.
12.   For the cable unknown cable section, the cable doesn’t correspond to instrument scale, or the user requires higher accuracy, please select the variable measurement: press the TAB/REF button, select the variable measurement REF I, REF II or REF Ⅲ, 100 m  display on the screen, you can choose one of the REF.
13.   Dial the knob to any instrument scale,only if it is convenient for memory. Please write down the REF position and knob scale position on the card.
14.   Intercept the measured cable 50m to 100m as benchmark cable. Connect the both ends of the benchmark cable, using“↑”and“↓”button to set the known length of the benchmark cable,eg. 100m or 50m. press“Shift”and“↓”button at the same time,the sound of “tick”means the conservation of this variable measurement, and this tap position becomes a pre-set measurement. If you measure this kind of cable later, just dial this tap position and use the pre-set measurement(for the finer communications cable, the benchmark cable could be shorter appropriately. eg. 10m to 20m
the comparison between 2005 and 2006
UNITEST Cable Length Meter 3000
UNITEST Echometer 3000
measuring mode
Measure both ends or one end
(the other end short circuiting 
Measure one end of the cable
(two or more than two strand cable)
Length measurement
DTF measurement
Resistance measurement
Cable section measurement
Fuction of calibration instrument
Fuction of temperature compensation
Memory Function 
Comparison of accuracy
Higher than model 2006
Lower than model 2005
measure distance
The longest length is 20km
The longest length is 2km



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